Friday, August 12, 2011

What does no brain activity mean?

my step father had a stoke the yesterday, he was rushed to the hospital, there he died 2 times. they were able to stabilize him and move him to ICU there they hooked up to life support. well the neurologists ran some tests, and said he has insufficient brain activity, we told her we wanted to see the results of the brain scan so she told us that she will show us when she had time. hours pass and she calls us in.she shows us a chart that had marks that go up and down but they where low compared to you or me. she then told us he had no brain activity, none of the lines were flat they all had movement i asked her about that and she could not give me a clear ansure. i then told her about a test they did where they disconnected his breathing tube for about 10 seconds and he started taking breaths witch proves he has brain activity, i asked her about that and she had to change hers ansure to he has low brain activity. i then asked her for a copy of the brain scan, she then told me she could not give it to me. i demanded she give it to me. i told her we had a right to it, she then asked me in an angry tone of voice ( do you know the medical field ) as if to tell me i should not get it because i cant understand it, i would not let up, and then she said i could get it tomorrow.... i fill like she just wants to pull the plug and call it a night. things look bad for my step father but i do think he can come back. what do you think. do you think there's hope. do you think that the neurologist just has an agenda and wants to brush him off to the side. please let me know what you think, and what does no brain activity mean exactly. i need help........thank you

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